Do wetlands encourage mosquitoes? The surprising answer: No!

Wetland Misconceptions


 A healthy, functioning wetland can act as

 Healthy wetlands provide wildlife habitat, naturally cleanse our water  

The experts there know that wetland restoration is synonymous with genuine mosquito control. Wetlands provide valuable services for society, including cleaner water and keeping pesky mosquitoes in check. 

Wetland-related tourism—like hunting, hiking, bird watching, and kayaking—can add significant dollars local economies.

Amazing scenery


It’s true that mosquitoes need standing water to breed.  When wetlands are healthy the mosquito’s natural predators – birds, bats, dragonfly, and frogs (i.e., those species normally found in a “wet wetland”) – can control the mosquito population.  


When the Essex County, Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project restored a 1,500-acre wetland, the mosquito population dropped by 90 percent.   

healthy Eco Systems


   Healthy wetlands provide wildlife habitat, naturally cleanse our water—and even help control those annoying mosquitoes.   

Wetlands services include flood storage, water filtration, trapping of sediment, transformation of toxins, shoreline protection, improved air quality by the trapping of carbon, and noise abatement. 

Without wetlands, our quality of life and well-being are greatly compromised.   

Natural Beauty


   Once you’ve experienced the beauty of this special habitat and understand more about these vibrant ecosystems, it’s likely you’ll never forget them.   A healthy, functioning wetland can actually help reduce mosquito populations.  

Here is a fact sheet from a U.S. source, the State of Indiana:  

Incredible wildlife



A vibrant wetland ecosystem is home to fish, insects, amphibians, birds, and bats that devour the tiny pests.   Wetland scientists are now investigating the role of restoration and other land management techniques in controlling for mosquitoes. 

cleaner lake water


  Growing up here, we never really knew the tremendous benefits of the amazing wetlands which are an important element of the healthy waters and vibrant eco-system of Crowe Lake.   

The wetlands are incredible - and the more we learn about them, the more we love them. 

Come and see this first hand! 

Better yet, introduce a child to a wetland!