About Us

Our Pioneers


 Otto and Pauline Lingertat originally purchased the land on which Bayview Park was built back in 1961.  At that time, there were no roads, no hydro, no services - just bush, trees, and nature.  Over the next 50 years, they put a lifetime of hard work into developing the campground, while aiming to protect and preserve the natural setting.  You can still enjoy many natural settings and scenes within the parkland. 

Our Business: Family camping


 Our business is to provide a natural, enjoyable family camping experience.   Today, the Lingertat's daughter Ruth and her husband Bruce carry on the family Bayview Park legacy.  We now have second and third generation families with us at Bayview Park - as some of the original families have grown, their children and grandchildren have returned are now camping here as well!  

Our Future


Otto & Pauline put in decades of hard work to create this wonderful place we call Bayview.  Now it's your turn to enjoy!  Ruth & Bruce are devoting the balance of their lifetime and working years to continue to keeping Bayview an enjoyable, safe and incredible place where treasured moments continue to transpire.   They will be  looking forward to when their children and grandchildren can take over the Park!