2020 season Opening under Covid19

UNDER CURRENT ONTARIO PROVINCIAL announcements BAYVIEW PARK re-opened may 22 for the 2020 season!

We all watched and listened with anticipation to Doug Ford's May 14th announcement regarding the re-opening of campgrounds May 16, 2020, along with the cautionary words regarding only re-opening if and when this can be done in a safe, healthy and secure manner.  

All campgrounds remain under a very strict legal and social responsibility to be able to keep ourselves, our staff safe, as well as instituting all the new rules, legalities, guidelines, codes of conduct, medical waivers and releases which have been sent to campgrounds for immediate implementation.  

There are many changes which will also become the new norm for camping in Ontario this season.  At this time, all social and physical distancing orders are still in place; beaches, shared washrooms, and all other gathering areas are prohibited. Events are either cancelled or postponed.  

No visitors are allowed until restrictions have been lifted. 

Park Tours will continue by appointment only  

As regulations are updated, we will provide updates as well!